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Page 9 of Legendary

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I was tagged by the lovely Dunberk!


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1. Would you consider yourself a creative person?

Ummmm, I think I’m getting there. I have a lot of ideas but I’m very self-conscious that I’m plagiarising them from somewhere and I don’t even know that I’m doing it.

2. If so, who are your greatest creative influences?

Probably a lot of animes and weird little animated shorts.

3. Best album you own?

Oh gosh I have no idea! Probably an original copy of Abbey Road on vinyl by The Beatles.

4. How would you describe your sense of style?

"I wanna look boho-grunge but I can’t be bothered to get up that early"

5. Favourite article of clothing you own? (This can include jewellery and shoes.)

I have fantastic taste in boots and earrings, but I’m gonna have to say my big butch Caterpillar leather biker boots. They’re like my armour.

6. Which fictional character has influenced you the most? (Not necessarily a character that you relate to.)

BARBARA GORDON a.k.a. Batgirl for those of you not in the know. Sometimes when I feel like I’m being bitchy or if I feel like giving up during a work out I think, “What would Babs do? D’you think she’d behave like a lil bitch? NO SHE WOULD NOT!”

7. Best film you’ve seen this year? Doesn’t necessarily have to have been released this year - just something you hadn’t seen before 2014.

I recently watched Her. Thought that was pretty good. 

8. Least favourite animated film and why?

At the moment, probably Frozen. I feel so thoroughly disappointed by that film.

9. What’s your zodiac sign/do you think you fit the description of your sign?

I’m a Scorpio! And definitely!! My mum always said I had a sting at the end of my tail.

10. Are you optimistic or pessimistic?

Optimistic hell yes!

11. Three people you’d invite to dinner if you could and why? (Can be living or dead!)

My dad, I miss him. 

Glen Keane BECAUSE

My mum so she could see my dad again.

these are gonna be rubbish I’m sorry

Here’s my questions:

1. What’s your favourite thing about animation?

2. Favourite kind of chocolate?

3. If you could have any book made into a film, what book would you choose?

4. And who would you want to star in it/direct it?

5. Have you ever kissed someone in the rain?

6. Best day you’ve had so far this year?

7.If you could get any tattoo you wanted, what would you get?

8. What’s one thing you love about yourself?

9. Are you watching any TV series currently? Which one(s)?

10. Name one fear you have

11. Now what’s a creative way to help overcome that fear?!


I’m a super loner so whoever would like to do this questionnaire please go ahead and let me know!

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We interrupt your scrolling to bring you a very special announcement from your creators :)


We interrupt your scrolling to bring you a very special announcement from your creators :)


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"Back then, I wasn’t able to see how precious it was to be able to swim with friends. I’m going to give up on swimming. But before I do, I want to truly become your friend.”

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"This is our team. Our ultimate team."

"Right. I’d say the same of our team.”

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Free! Ep12 || Free! ES Ep10
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nailed it


nailed it


Took you long enough! 


Took you long enough! 
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New Pictures From BIG HERO 6

Reblogging because I am not over how amazing this movie looks

also NONE of the girls look like Rapunzel , not even Honey

Fuuuuuck, I am so HERE for this cast!!


A Anon asked me for some pointers on how to draw in my style today. I didn’t really know how to write pointers so I thought I would attempt a very minimal tutorial.


What a beautiful cast
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